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A fan-tribute and project designed to honour the French RPG that originally released in 2008. This game was originally made in 2017 but has been a ghost of the past of mine for the last two years.

This is the definitive version of NEW, it's the ultimate version and the thing that I wanted to port over to here the most, more details below.

WARNING: It it advised that you have played OFF first.


NEW features you controlling the ex-taciturn, neo-chatty Batter. After purifying the world of OFF, your quest seems to have been reset and your puppet's motives, as well as the world, altered. Unquestioning, your objective is now: bad people got in, get rid of them.


NEW expands upon the original ideas and themes that OFF set the groundwork for, here's a simplistic list of the improvements provided:

  • Adjustable difficulty.
  • Plethora of options to tweak the game experience.
  • Challenging, varied battle encounters.
  • A cool main menu screen.
  • Crude looking, nasty people.
  • A cat.
  • A cast and world shrouded in mystery.
  • Some cool citizen at some point in the game.
  • Puzzles that range from simple to esoteric.

What's new in NEW!?

  • Numerous game-play tweaks for an overall more balanced experience.
  • An immense amount of bug fixing, so that it--is not as buggy as China's phone network, or buggy at all.
  • Many quality of life additions, such as failsafes in case you missed certain optional items but are too late to get them.
  • A New Game+ feature that allows for more replay-ability, faster and faster!
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Release date Sep 10, 2017
GenreRole Playing, Puzzle
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, Fangame, Psychological Horror, Story Rich
Average sessionA few hours
AccessibilitySubtitles, Interactive tutorial


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NEW OST [Original Music by IV] 510 MB
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Hello, I'm really enjoying the game so far! It's really engaging, I'm looking forward to finishing it and unlocking NG+ content. And the puppet show at the park was delightful haha

hello i found a bug in the game,i just wanted to inform.

so in purified zone 1 i tried climbing the stairs in the postal service but i couldnt.the batter would only spasm

out in place and them is prite out become stuck in the climbing animation.


so whatever is up there i cant acquire...

Hiya! I've been playing this game for the past few days, and it's incredibly fun!! The take on the characters is quite interesting, and the antagonists are cool too!

However, I'm a bit stuck. How do you enter zone 3? My dumb ass doesn't know, and I read the readme file a lot of times. A little help would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Hi there! 

The answer IS in the readme. Zone 3 is actually the "stuff" unlocked by the secret Konami code. 

Thanks a lot!! ^_^

Is possible to access the purified zones after killing Sonovan? and if possible, how is it done? (english of google translator, sorry)

You probably already know this but the Purified zones are a NG+ exclusive.

Help im stuck on The Room computer puzzle 

Hey, can you help me with The Room's 4 door puzzle?

Hey uh, i can't really understand english that well so, can you explain to me how i can get through that anagram puzzle in zone 3? it's been a problem to me and i've tried different anagrams but it didn't work, please tell me what i need to do

The word is CardedEditor and it has relations to the current state of the Zone 3’s guardian. Hint, the 2nd word is Director. Hope that helps!

Deleted 145 days ago

Hello, me again, thanks for helping me out in zone 3 but can you give me a little hint on the password on The Room computer puzzle with the five eight two one puzzle? thanks 

Hey do you know the password for the room computer puzzle ( the first puzzle in the room ) please help

Can someone help me with the zone 3 area 4 passcode? I've tried every single possible number that i could take out of the zone and it didn't work

One of the rooms contains the code, the other one contains the order in which the numbers are supposed to be put in. Hope that helps!

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So i don't have to put a code, then the other one? Like this one, 21354, do i have to rearrange the numbers or something? It's because i tried the both codes and they didn't work at their normal order.

Hey do you mind if you could help me out in zone 2 i'm stuck on the door puzzles there, please help me out

Which puzzle?

The one where i have to enter doors to complete the puzzle, the one specifically containing the hint " The first circle is simple " and so on


No, one room gives you the actual code and the other one gives you the order in which the numbers must go–it also looks like a code.


Did you make this in RPG Maker VX Ace?

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Hey Sight, if you're at Zone 3 or if you beat the game and remembers it, can you please tell me the passcode at area 4? I can't figure it out, thanks in advance


Wait what?

That 5 digit passcode that it's needed to get to area 3 at zone 3, since we first appear at zone 3 where we fought against Enoch


I haven't played this game at all xD

oh haha, sorry then XD

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How do I get all the endings? How do I get to the island?  How do I open new Game+?  How do I unlock the locked door in the mine of zone 1?

There's a ton of stuff which unlocks after you beat the game for the first time around, basically all the other endings are unlocked once you access New Game+. I haven't played all of NG+ so I dunno how to unlock the island, but in order to get NG+ running just start a new playthrough on your NG+ save which you get after beating the game and saving.

Hey man, do you know what's the passcode at zone 3, at area 4? I can't figure it out, and i've tried to use both codes and none of them worked

I need a tip on the code for purified Zone 3, i found three numbers, i cant figure it out

I know its been 6 days but do you still need help? And in that case what puzzle specifically?

nah all good now dude, IV helped m

Hey Term, do you know the passcode at area 4 at zone 3? I can't figure it out