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Get ready for a mysterious, bizarre and intriguing fanmade adventure! · By IV


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Highly Likely Last Update to Game
This will most likely be the final update to the game. The most prevalent erroneous features of this game have been stamped out, There may be some very minor pr...
More updates...!
Yup, remember how I said the game was finished? Well that was a lie, since people just keep finding bugs and errors, and I gotta keep squashing them. There are...
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Update Complete, game complete!
Hello everyone, I have finished the update to NEW and I class the game officially as finished, thanks to all who have viewed the page. Special extra thanks to t...
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Update in the works
Hello, as you all know: I am working on this game continuously since I have a terrible habit of being unable to move on until something has been said and done f...
Compatibility Fix Added
I've released a fix for NEW that involves garbled fonts and some other problems. Basically if you experience problems with horrible, unreadable fonts or somethi...
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It pleases me greatly that I was able to finish this project at last. It has been a long journey for me and some other people, through humps and loops it ends...
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